Party di Ferragosto: in regalo l'iconica Fessura Bottle!

Party di Ferragosto: 레갈로 l'iconica Fessura Bottle!

When you purchase a pair of sneakers from the collection, you'll get a free Fessura Bottle, an additional gift to the sales!
Ferragosto, the most anticipated date of the summer, distinguished for midnight bathing and music until dawn, has finally arrived.
The long weekend offers the perfect opportunity to escape the city. Therefore, a bathing suit, colorful clothes and a pair of Fessura designer shoes turn out to be mandatory!
Get inspired by our tips to create outfits that will leave a mark, characterized by comfort and wow factor!


If it's a casual beach party with friends, the trick is to combine "beach" elements with more glamorous ones. Tank Low sandals are so special because of their unique design, making them a statement detail of the look.


The outfit for Ferragosto must leave a mark, but it must also be practical. To be free to move and dance, it is mandatory to wear shoes that are both cool and comfortable, just to have the confidence to fully enjoy the evening.

And for those not spending Ferragosto on the beach? FESSURA RUNFLEX #02!

This is a reimagining of our best-selling Runflex #01.
Able to fuse current aesthetics with technological excellence, it differs in the use of new materials and new shades. Its outdoor-inspired line is supported by the patented REFLEXSYSTEM®.

What are you waiting for? When you buy a pair of sneakers from the collection, you'll get the iconic Fessura Bottle for free, an additional gift to the sales. Don't miss out on summer's coolest vitamin orange water bottle, free only until August 20!