Back to office: non perdere la nuova campagna Fessura

사무실로 복귀: 새로운 Fessura 캠페인을 놓치지 마세요

Even if the back to office is quite busy, we have a great excuse to revamp the wardrobe. Don't miss the new Fessura shoot and discover the FW 23/24 collection!


Don't miss the Studio Aperto report!
Fessura è al MICAM con TRAILFLEX®️ VTR - E15

Fessura는 TRAILFLEX®️ VTR - E15의 MICAM에 있습니다.

FESSURA will be at MICAM in MILAN. The brand will bring with it TRAILFLEX®️ VTR - E15, the new trail running shoe inspired by the E15 trail of Monte Vettore.
Nuova collezione: scopri le Reflex Basic Canvas

새로운 컬렉션: Reflex Basic Canvas를 만나보세요

Check out all the models in the new collection and don't miss Reflex Basic Canvas, a retro, perfect contrivance for being casual yet stylish.
Runflex 02: la nuova sneaker Fessura imperdibile

Runflex 02: 놓칠 수 없는 새로운 Fessura 스니커즈

Runflex 02, despite their technical qualities for tackling long walks in nature, are perfect for wearing in the city as well. Think cool with these snekaers on your feet.
Fessura shoes: shopping di fine estate

Festura 신발: 늦여름 쇼핑

Take advantage of the last few days to shop Fessura's best sellers from the summer collection: must-have pieces perfect for carrying over into fall while saving a little money.
Party di Ferragosto: in regalo l'iconica Fessura Bottle!

Party di Ferragosto: 레갈로 l'iconica Fessura Bottle!

When you purchase a pair of sneakers from the collection, you'll get a free Fessura Bottle, an additional gift to the sales!
Take Your Trail: scopri la nuova mini-campagna Fessura

Take Your Trail: 새로운 Fessura 미니 캠페인을 발견하십시오

Take Your Trail tells of the new RUNFLEX #02, a must-have accessory and reinterpretation of a timeless model.
Energia, creatività e innovazione: Fessura parteciperà alla serie televisiva ByDesign

에너지, 창의성 및 혁신: Fessura가 ByDesign TV 시리즈에 참여합니다.

Fessura announces its participation in "ByDesign", an internationally renowned series with a focus on innovation. The program's judges include Karim Rashid.

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