FESSURA 2024년 1월 10일: "FLOW RUN" 매장에서 열리는 PITTI 외부 이벤트

The FW24/25 collection by Fessura will be presented in the well-known Flow Run shop in Florence, with an extraordinary event that will last the whole day.
지금부터 판매 시작합니다! 최대 -50% 및 무료 배송 독서 FESSURA 2024년 1월 10일: "FLOW RUN" 매장에서 열리는 PITTI 외부 이벤트 2 분 다음 크라우드펀딩 슬롯: 일주일도 안 남았습니다
  • The curtain rises on Fessura's FW24/25 collection, which will be presented in the Flow Run shop, a reference point for trainers in Italy, located in Florence
  • Debut also for a new sales team that will lead Fessura to a decisive expansion of distribution

Montegranaro - On 10 January, Flow Run, a shop located in the heart of Florence (Piazza degli Strozzi 16R) and one of the main destinations for trainer lovers in Italy, will welcome FESSURA for an extraordinary event that will last the entire day with a large space transformed into a fascinating showroom.

During the event, the New FW 24/25 Collection will be presented, characterised by numerous novelties, a springboard for the brand's new identity. In addition, the day will culminate with a party with drinks and music.

This event not only marks a significant turning point for the FESSURA brand from a product point of view, but also in terms of distribution, with the start of collaboration with new regional agents. A team of high-calibre professionals, leaders in their respective areas, who will further expand FESSURA's presence in the world of trainers.

About Fessura

  • A solid and growing company, founded and managed by Brothers Andrea, Giorgio and Marco Vecchiola, the 3rd generation of one of the founding families of the footwear district of the Marche region
  • Multi-channel model (online+offline) and international presence, with headquarters in Italy and a subsidiary in Hong Kong
  • 3 patents, registered trademarks in over 50 countries and collaborations with global brands such as PEPSI, FIAT and TWINSET

Press contacts
Alessio Berdini - alessio@fessura.com Tel: (+39) 333 3653729