FESSURA: 새로운 주식 크라우드펀딩 캠페인이 시작되었습니다

The innovative SME of high-tech, high-performance trainers opens up to widespread share ownership, offering everyone the opportunity to invest and contribute to the company's growth.
FESSURA, an innovative Italian SME that designs high-tech, high-performance trainers, was created with the aim of changing the way style is interpreted and communicated in the trainer sector through research and innovation. Fessura is, in fact, an experimental workshop of ideas where creativity and a clear interpretation of contemporaneity support the identity of patented and sustainable products.

Today, Fessura has decided to embark on a crowdfunding path once again, launching an online fundraising campaign on Mamacrowd, the most important Italian platform for equity crowdfunding investments. The campaign will start on 11 December with the aim of raising €1.6 million, and will enable investors to participate with a minimum stake of €500.

In this second campaign, Fessura aims to accelerate its growth by leveraging assets to and consolidate the European market as well as expand those in the US and Asia.

"Fessura is an avant-garde trainer company in which fashion, design and functionality combine with new technologies to create modern, high-performance and sustainable footwear. Joining Fessura means becoming part of a true and unique functional fashion project for an Italian company," said Andrea Vecchiola, Founder of Fessura

With the first campaign in 2021, which had raised over 1.5 million euros, an immediate boost was triggered that led to an 80% increase in turnover in 2022, over 3.4 million (EBITDA 13%), and is taking turnover over 4.5 million in 2023. In recent years Fessura has focused on the consolidation of company assets such as the product, operating model, supply chain and brand identity, proving to have a scalable and replicable business in international markets also thanks to the product's strong innovative connotation.

More information about the campaign: Fessura | Mamacrowd

About Fessura
  • Solid and growing company: 2022 revenues 3.4M€ (+80% vs 2021) and 2023 expected revenues 4.5M€, always EBITDA positive
  • Founded and managed by Brothers Andrea, Giorgio and Marco Vecchiola, 3rd generation of one of the founding families of the footwear district of the Marche region
  • Multi-channel model (online+offline) and international presence, with headquarters in Italy and a subsidiary in Hong Kong
  • 3 patents, registered trademarks in over 50 countries and collaborations with global brands such as PEPSI, FIAT and TWINSET