FESSURA, SGN HOLDING과 협력하여 북미 시장 출시 발표

Fessura announces its entry into the North American market, in collaboration with SGN Holding.
Guido Bocchio is the supervisor of the board of FESSURA ITALIA 독서 FESSURA, SGN HOLDING과 협력하여 북미 시장 출시 발표 2 분 다음 Comunicato stampa - Fessura Fiere Outdoor

Fessura announces its entry into the North American market, in collaboration with SGN Holding, a leading agency specialized in facilitating the penetration of new brands into the United States and Europe markets. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in the growth and international expansion of the innovative Italian brand Fessura, known for designing high-tech and highperformance sneakers.

The launch of Fessura into the North American market presents a solid outlook for expansion and success. This is not only because the sneaker market in the United States has shown steady growth in recent years, remaining one of the most dynamic and profitable sectors in the fashion industry, but also thanks to the distinctive characteristics of the brand. Indeed, the cutting-edge design and high-performance capabilities make Fessura footwear perfectly suited to the dynamic lifestyle and keen interest in innovation of American consumers.

Fessura can be defined as a pioneer of eco-friendly sneakers with the CHANGE®️ technology, sock sneakers with the SOCKS®️ technology, wellness sneakers with the REFLEX®️ technology, and ultrarebound sneakers with the SLOT®️ technology. With four patents, trademarks registered in over 50 countries, and collaborations with global brands such as PEPSI and FIAT, Fessura emerges as one of the most exciting and innovative realities in the footwear market.

But that's not all. Fessura has strong growth potential in the American market also thanks to its philosophy that goes beyond the mere commercialization of products. It is a customer-oriented company, committed to promoting an active lifestyle and personal fulfillment, values widely appreciated and sought after by consumers. In fact, the Fessura community stands out in participating in extraordinary events organized by the brand, which offer the valuable opportunity to connect and share passions and experience firsthand the latest innovations of the brand.

"This is an exciting time for Fessura, and we are thrilled to bring our products to the North American market," said Andrea Vecchiola, CEO of Fessura. "The collaboration with SGN Holding will provide us the resources and guidance necessary to meet the needs of American consumers and consolidate our global presence." For more information on Fessura and its products, visit our website at fessura.com