Fessura Bottle: un regalo di Halloween da paura

슬릿 보틀(Fessura Bottle): 으스스한 할로윈 선물

Until today only, when you purchase a pair of Slots, you will receive the Fessura Bottle in the new vibrant metal shade as a gift!
MICAM: ClassTv에서 실시한 Fessura의 인터뷰 독서 슬릿 보틀(Fessura Bottle): 으스스한 할로윈 선물 1 분 다음 가을에 딱 맞는 Fessura 스니커즈

Buy a pair of shoes by today, October 31, and you will receive the Fessura Bottle in the new vibrant metal color as a gift: an intense and saturated shade, a true love letter to lunar reflections.
Avoid the use of disposable plastic thanks to this cult and iconic accessory, made cool and glam thanks to the presence of the Fessura logo and dynamic design. Moreover, it is perfect for having it with you at all times because it has a removable carabiner that can be used to attach the bottle to bags or backpacks.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of these last thrilling hours and find the perfect model for you by visiting fessura.com!