Fessura è su ITSLIQUID e Gazzetta!

Fessura가 ITSLIQUID와 Gazzetta에 있습니다!

Don't miss Itsliquid and Gazette articles to find out all the details about RUNFLEX® SS23 and the RUNFLEX 500 Capsule Collection.

The Itsliquid platform talks about Fessura RUNFLEX®, calling them "The perfect sneakers for this spring".

In the world of fashion, it is necessary to follow an expressive way that looks at the most recent trends without, however, forgetting an essential value: that well-being. Precisely for this reason, FESSURA develops high-tech footwear focusing on both design and comfort, in an increasingly greener perspective.
FESSURA RUNFLEX® is a breathable fabric shoe that blends dynamic design with technological excellence: it is the perfect example of functional fashion.
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Gazzetta focuses on the new RUNFLEX500 Capsule Collection.
The Fessura x Nuova500 capsule collection debuts, resulting from the collaboration between Fessura and FIAT to produce a limited edition line of footwear. RUNFLEX 500 is an activewear project for running and leisure: it is a sneaker made with 4 XL Extralight pads inside, which lighten the stride and release energy while walking. Like Fiat's electric combines design with technology and sustainability. It is available in 2 colors inspired by the
livery of the New 500: white electric and navy electric.
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