Fessura shoes: i colori dell'estate

Fessura 신발: 여름의 색

Discover a colorful way ready to add character to your everyday looks through Runflex designs!

It's late summer! Abandon total black in favor of other sparkling shades, true fruit salads of colors. You just have to try: once you get over the first moment of bewilderment, you will discover a colorful way, ready to give character to your daily looks. Don't miss all our proposals through Runflex patterns!

Runflex bone-chili represent the dose of vitamin C to wear. A magnetic and bold color, the perfect shade to focus on this season.

Runflex white-blue, perfect for immersing ourselves in the color of the sea and the horizon. It is a bright and bold hue, ideal for telling this summer.

Green-lime manages to make outfits charged with energy and under the banner of a new elegance. It goes with white and black, but also with green and red: a real glam touch.

And for those who don't feel like daring? No problem! The solution is the Reflex Sport, from the contrasting colored inserts.