Festa del papà: in regalo l'iconica Fessura Bottle!

Fessura와 함께 아빠를 축하하세요!

Father's Day is coming up: be won over by Fessura's gift ideas!

Finding the perfect Father's Day gift can seem like an impossible task: original ideas are scarce and you risk choosing the usual trite thought. Don't show up with yet another aftershave and be won over by Fessura's sneakers; transversal, comfortable and functional they are ideal for any dad.

The Fessura REFLEX®, made with patented REFLEXSYSTEM® technology, are irresistible in Saturn and IO versions.

Versatile and perfect for any moment, the REFLEX® Saturn manage to downplay a smart outfit and make a casual look sophisticated.

REFLEX® IO are the everyday shoes for long walks that don't sacrifice aesthetics and style-they're the shoes you won't know how to live without.

Take a tour of the fessura.com website and don't miss them! Also, for the occasion, as a gift for you the iconic Fessura Bottle.