EDGE è la protagonista della nuova mini-campagna Fessura

EDGE는 새로운 미니 캠페인 Fessura의 주인공입니다.

EDGE, marked by a minimalist spirit and normcore DNA, fit perfectly into the new mini-campaign celebrating the value of the everyday.

EDGE is the star of the new Fessura mini-campaign, which is a celebration of the value of the everyday, an expression of the authentic lifestyle. A moment in the present.

Each shot apparently has an independent narrative. However, the images, side by side, transport us into the Fessura universe, adopting simplicity as rebellion, seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary and novelty in the familiar.

EDGE sneakers, marked by a minimal soul and normcore DNA, fit perfectly into these frames in which wild nature undermines industrial rigor: a modern metaphor for the encounter between different worlds.

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