Le Fessura sneakers perfette per giornate di sole e temperature miti

Fessura 운동화는 온화한 밑창과 온도에 적합합니다.

Fall is among us but, given the almost summer-like temperatures, there is a desire to plan relaxing days outdoors. Follow our tips to find the ideal sneaker!

Fall is officially among us but, given the almost summer-like temperatures, there is a constant urge to plan days outdoors in the company of relaxed looks. We are always quite uncertain whenever we open our closet to choose how to compose our outfit: follow our tips to find the ideal sneaker and don't get caught unprepared!

Runflex #01

If your ideal outing drags you to an idyllic place reminiscent of English countryside settings, you need to choose a shoe that doesn't forget about style. The Runflex #01 is ideal for being comfortable for a long walk in nature, without losing the cool touch in the look. Don't miss it in all its new shades, keeping up with the trends!

Reflex Sport

For less pristine and more romantic destinations, it's good to go for a subtle, glamorous sneaker model reminiscent of 1970s runners. The Reflex Sport are minimalist yet cool, a perfect combination of elegance and comfort. They are distinguished by a narrow silhouette that hugs the foot and the use of a mix of materials: RCY recycled leather and soft canvas.

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