Alla conquista delle vette: le scarpe Fessura da "baita"

정상을 정복하다: Fessura "hut" 신발

For impeccable style and practicality, it is advisable to have cabin shoes ready in the wardrobe, perfect for winter holidays or a lunch in the mountains. Check out the tips in our article to find the ideal 'chalet' shoe!

Whether for impeccable style or to meet practical needs, it is always advisable to have a pair of ski lodge shoes ready in the wardrobe. They could be the perfect accessory to slip into your suitcase to spend the Christmas holidays in a ski resort either in Italy or abroad, or simply to complete an outfit during a mountain lunch a few hours away from the city. Surprisingly, fashionistas have already embraced this trend, sporting unique looks where snow shoes are the real stars, giving a distinctive and trendy touch to their outfits.
Read the article and discover our tips for the ideal 'ski chalet' shoe!

Reflex Tebe
For a lunch in the mountains it is advisable to opt for shoes that combine style and comfort, adapting to the rough terrain. Opt for neutral colours or earthy tones to maintain a style that suits the natural surroundings.
The Tebe, with a soft leather upper, is a flexible, soft and lightweight shoe, suitable for long walks for assured comfort.

Reflex Jupiter
Let's move on to the models with a height above the ankle. The Jupiter has a slip-on fit and comes with an upper made of stretch vilpelle, a removable cork insole for increased breathability, an internally reinforced heel and an Eva sole with single-colour rubber detailing.

Runflex #02
After a day on the slopes, the focus shifts to after-ski trainers, essential for relaxation and casual style. By choosing comfortable and fashionable models, you can effortlessly transition from ski boots to footwear that provides comfort and style, ideal for a relaxed vibe after the action on the slopes.