Un mese esatto a Natale: scopri i nostri consigli regalo!

크리스마스까지 정확히 한 달 남았습니다. 선물 팁을 알아보세요

If you're already planning your moves for Christmas, you've come to the right place. Check out our tips for finding your next gift by taking advantage of Black Friday: today only, -30% off everything!
발목까지 오는 신발: 지금 우리에게 필요한 유일한 액세서리 독서 크리스마스까지 정확히 한 달 남았습니다. 선물 팁을 알아보세요 2 분 다음 정상을 정복하다: Fessura "hut" 신발
If you are already planning your moves to face Christmas, you are in the right place. If choosing always seems to be the most difficult task, we are here to give you some small tips. This way, you can put that nagging feeling of performance anxiety behind you and experience the most festive and brightest season of the year with peace of mind.
Continue reading and discover all the tips!

Fessura Reflex
Start replacing white models with brighter coloured trainers, cobalt blue is still the shoe colour of choice for this FW 23-24.
Make it wearable by giving the Fessura Reflex as a gift.

Fessura Runflex
Choose trainers with a sporty, lightweight and aerobic soul, perfect for a run in the city as for a shopping trip downtown. The Fessura Runflex is the perfect model for days at the office, weekend commitments or trips out of town.

For the undecided, the Fessura Gift Card combines the value of a gift and the fundamental element of personalisation. It is a unique solution that can be purchased in different amounts and with no expiry date*. Gift Cards are ideal for anyone who loves wearing iconic trainers and would like to enrich their wardrobe with a Fessura-style model.

*Spendable online only.
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