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FESSURA CHANGE®: 지속 가능성의 친환경 신발 아이콘

September 21 is the World Zero Emissions DayFessura celebrates it with its iconic CHANGE®, a pioneer in environmentally sustainable footwear.

September 21 is World Zero Emissions Day, also known as ZeDay.

Launched in Nova Scotia and Canada in 2008, ZeDay slowly spread around the world with the aim of raising awareness of the harm caused by carbon emissions.

FESSURA understands that everyone's daily choices are the key to reducing emissions: every single action makes a difference. The brand's goal is to find more sustainable solutions, combining attractive design with respect for the environment:a winning mix for those who believe in the future.

Granted a Patent for Industrial Invention since 1999, FESSURA CHANGE® can be considered a pioneer in environmentally sustainable footwear thanks to the system designed to assemble it that does not involve the use of machinery, glue or stitching. In fact, CHANGE® is not only a product of design and fashion, but it is a real technological footwear, capable of involving the end customer in its creation.

The concept is really simple but ingenious. The sole remains the constant base of the shoe while the upper, a meter-long elastic band, slips into the SLITS (fessure) present in the sole itself, allowing the sneaker to be created manually and easily.

The lack of the classic industrial construction process makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50 percent: this shows how much can be done today in the area of sustainability, without having to give up design and uniqueness.

Discover all the colors of CHANGE®: https://www.fessura.com/en/collections/change-shoe