RUNFLEX® e “FESSURA X FIAT500E” sono al MICAM , Fessura Italia , Fessura


From September 18 to 20, FESSURA will be at MICAM in MILAN, the world's leading international footwear trade show. The brand will bring with it two great new products: FESSURA RUNFLEX® and THE "FESSURA X FIAT500E" CAPSULE.

From September 18 to 20, FESSURA will be at MICAM in MILAN, the world's leading international footwear trade show. The brand will bring with it two great new products: FESSURA RUNFLEX® and THE "FESSURA X FIAT500E" CAPSULE.

FESSURA RUNFLEX® is the sneaker of complex simplicity, capable of fusing aesthetics with technological excellence. Intended for running and leisure, the shoe can be described in just three words, "Energy in Motion." In fact, the active attitude is defined by the patented REFLEXSYSTEM®, designed to offer a new experience of movement. The secret lies in the structure of the bottom, in which four pads inserted in the sole are able to absorb and simultaneously release ENERGY in different areas of the foot according to the principles of REFLEXOLOGY: a true Comfortable Innovation. The formula adopted for the REFLEXSYSTEM® pads, innovative and Made in Italy, is the extrabounce of XL EXTRALIGHT®️. A superlight, flexible, shock-absorbing and high rebound material from FINPROJECT S.p.A. Group.

"FESSURA X FIAT500E" is the capsule collection that was created through the shared values of innovation, technology and sustainability between FIAT and FESSURA. Tailored textures, details and colors inspired by the liveries of the Turin icon are just some of the features that go to embellish this unique project.

RUNFLEX® 500E is a green shoe, which features the premiere use of the XL EXTRALIGHT®️ Organics 3.0 bio-attributed outsole. The materials used are from agricultural and forestry waste or the biodegradable fraction of municipal and industrial waste. Compared to the classic RUNFLEX®, which uses a super soft Eva sole, here the aim is to be sustainable, like an electric car is.

The brand awaits you at MICAM 2022: be inspired by the most cutting-edge sneakers on the market, by Fessura.