FESSURA, 미래를 향한 아방가르드 브랜드

FESSURA supports all the values promoted by Venice Fashion Week, the fashion week that has a focus on sustainability, technological innovations and digital communication.

Venice Fashion Week, Venice's sustainable and artisanal fashion week, kicked off on October 19th thanks to fashion shows, exhibitions and conferences. Sustainability, technological innovations, craftsmanship, digital communication: the Venetian city is increasingly the seat of international conversations on the future of the planet. FESSURA firmly supports all the values promoted by Venice Fashion Week precisely because our brand is projected towards the future. In fact, as though through a "Crack", we are constantly looking for change, for a new world, rewriting the present with modern and avant-garde ideas.

We can be defined as pioneers of eco-sustainable shoes with the CHANGE® patent, of psycho-physical well-being shoes with the REFLEXSYSTEM® patent and precursors of slip on shoes, thanks to the SOCKSHOES® patent. We never stop, we believe in change, we breathe it: we are ENERGY IN MOTION.

Likewise, there is no lack of traditional values because our history has deep roots. The Fessura site was built during the second post-war period by Comm. Aldo Botticelli, who transformed a grain warehouse from the 1700s into an industrial factory, launching the industrialization of Italian footwear. Sixty years later, in the same building, the Fessura team combines fashion, design and art with new technologies, creating timeless, performing and sustainable products.

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