FESSURA SOCKSHOES®, 두 번째 스킨 트렌드가 다시 등장합니다.

Sock ankle boots are the trend accessory to invest in for autumn 2022. Try models from the SOCKSHOES® line and enjoy a new experience of comfort and easy wearing.
FESSURA, 미래를 향한 아방가르드 브랜드 독서 FESSURA SOCKSHOES®, 두 번째 스킨 트렌드가 다시 등장합니다. 1 분 다음 FESSURA 한국: 새로운 유통 계약 체결

Elegant and discreet, sock ankle boots are truly the trend accessory to invest in for autumn 2022. This hybrid between an ankle boot and a sock is invading our wardrobes: they are perfect to pair with skirts, dresses and any look that leaves the ankles uncovered. They are the ideal alternative for those who do not like shoes with a bulky silhouette. In fact, second skin effect shoes hug the foot following its lines and are a timeless accent that condenses practicality and a new sense of glamour.
It is precisely Fessura that, thanks to the Patent for Industrial Invention dated 2010, has become the spokesperson for deconstructed footwear, starting a trend that has since become global. In fact, the models in the SOCKSHOES® line follow this trend perfectly: they are sock shoes with a transversal design, adding a charming touch to the whole.

For example, EDGE Ankle, black with contrasting white bottom, is a real must-have: its geometric cuts, colour palette and lines make it suitable for every occasion.
The models of the SOCKSHOES® line are able to offer a new experience of comfort and easy wearability thanks to their slip-on system. Moreover, the upper can be worked in one piece, greatly reducing the amount of waste associated with normal cutting and sewing techniques.

Discover all SOCKSHOES® models: EDGE, CLOUD and ROCK!