Fessura: le scarpe perfette per la notte più lunga dell'anno

FESSURA: 일년 중 가장 긴 밤을 위한 완벽한 신발

Whatever your plans are, toast to the New Year with your Fessura on your feet!
FESSURA에 "TMALL" 플래그십 스토어 런칭 독서 FESSURA: 일년 중 가장 긴 밤을 위한 완벽한 신발 1 분 다음 Fashionbiz: Fessura가 한국에 돌아옵니다!

Choosing the right look for New Year's Eve is undoubtedly the first step in getting the best start to 2023! Whether you opted for an incredible party or a quiet evening, it doesn't matter: this is the time when you can indulge and dare with iconic accessories.
Toast to the new year with our proposals on your feet!


Fessura EDGE SUPERBAND: the ultra-high boot to pair with mini dresses. It's the minimal yet bold choice, perfect with either a classic sheath dress or a shower of sequins!

Fessura REFLEX BASIC, all-white version. Ideal with a jacket-pant suit: cool and casual at once.

The colorful Fessura RUNFLEX add oomph to the outfit when paired with neutral, monochrome colors. We recommend the white-roses on a total black look!

Check out the other styles in our collection to celebrate (in style!) the new year.