FESSURA에 "TMALL" 플래그십 스토어 런칭

Fessura joins the world's largest e-commerce site for the B2C market: TMALL.

Fessura's digital evolution has led to partnerships with major online retailers. In fact, after entering the Korean market, the online store was launched on TMALL, the world's largest e-commerce for the B2C market.

Fessura, thanks to its identity and fame as an emerging international brand, managed to obtain the official flagship store This type of domain is issued only to the most prestigious brands. 
Owned by the Alibaba Group, TMALL provides an online marketplace on which to create exclusive virtual storefronts. It is essential for international brands to have a presence here.
is carefully designed to offer customers the best support for their shopping experience and to effectively tell not only the stylistic content of the collections and footwear technologies, but also the company's values and culture.

This project represents the first step in Fessura's entry into China.
It will be followed by the activation of all Chinese social channels and entry into other marketplaces.

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