Scarpe alte alla caviglia: l'unico accessorio di cui abbiamo bisogno ora

발목까지 오는 신발: 지금 우리에게 필요한 유일한 액세서리

Talking about ankle-high shoes means 'transversality': they should never be missing from the winter capsule wardrobe. Discover the Reflex Tebe, Jupiter, IO and Edge Ankle!
가을에 딱 맞는 Fessura 스니커즈 독서 발목까지 오는 신발: 지금 우리에게 필요한 유일한 액세서리 1 분 다음 크리스마스까지 정확히 한 달 남았습니다. 선물 팁을 알아보세요

Fashion shows and street style looks show us the most practical way to cope with our daily routine: wear a pair of ankle-high shoes.
Talking about this model means "transversality" and, precisely for this reason, they must never be missing from the winter capsule wardrobe.
Whether they come in ankle boots, trainers, with a leather-look upper or flyknit, it is certainly easy for everyone to identify the must-have that best suits their style and personality.
Don't miss the innovatively designed Fessura models, capable of becoming your best friends for autumn winter 2023 2024, the basis of every look, even the most colourful.

Edge Ankle
The most versatile model worth the investment.

Reflex Tebe
The everyday shoes that don't give up aesthetics and style, perfect to pair with both jeans and smart trousers.

Reflex Jupiter
There is no age for wearing them and not even a single way. Their comfort and versatility is undeniable: wear them with a jumpsuit as well as a midi dress.

Reflex IO
A model that goes with everything. To try, to dare without excess.

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