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SWITCH MAGAZINE: Fessura, 미학, 기술 및 성능의 완벽한 조합인 RUNFLEX® 출시

Fessura also lands in Switch Magazine, which relaunches the release of the new Runflex Sneakers, a prized piece from the Fessura FW22/23 collection

It is called RUNFLEX® the latest model designed at Fessura, a leading Made in Italy brand in the sneakers sector and a reference point for high-tech fashion in Italy.

Designed to offer a new experience of movement and high-level performance, the RUNFLEX® sneaker is a perfect blend of aesthetics and technological excellence, and features a linear and dynamic design, as well as the patented REFLEXSYSTEM® system with four shock-absorbing and high rebound cushioning pads made of XL EXTRALIGHT® material.

Based on the principles of reflexology, this innovative system of pads embedded in the sole absorbs and releases energy in different areas of the foot during movement, thanks to a series of biomechanical, neuromuscular, biochemical and bioelectrical reactions, ensuring comfort and well-being, as well as flexibility and performance.

Thanks to its shock-absorbing properties, RUNFLEX® is the ideal sneaker for both experienced runners and those who want a comfortable everyday shoe, thanks to its supportive and cushioning properties that provide greater stability and a pleasant sensation of push and springy dynamism.

The two-tone design and 3D embossed rubberized texture make it a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance, ideal for both running and leisure and everyday life.

RUNFLEX® is already available in all stores and on fessura.com