FASHION NETWORK: Fessura raddoppia il fatturato nel primo semestre e lancia il nuovo sito web , Fessura Italia , Fessura

FASHION NETWORK: Fessura는 상반기 매출을 두 배로 늘리고 새 웹사이트를 시작합니다.

Fashion Network confirms Fessura's first-half growth, and accompanies the release of the brand's long-awaited new image site.
SWITCH MAGAZINE: Fessura, 미학, 기술 및 성능의 완벽한 조합인 RUNFLEX® 출시 독서 FASHION NETWORK: Fessura는 상반기 매출을 두 배로 늘리고 새 웹사이트를 시작합니다. 1 분 다음 RUNFLEX® 및 "FESSURA X FIAT500E"가 MICAM에 있습니다.

"We are pleased with the results obtained, because they confirm the appreciation for the communication strategy and innovative content of our products," told the company to "We are closely watching the development of international markets, especially South Korea and China, where we are about to launch e-commerce platforms with local strategic partners. After the Azimut fund joins the company in 2021, the fundraising strategy continues with a bridge round that should see the entry of new strategic partners in 2023."


Meanwhile, the brand launched a new version of its website, redesigned for immediate usability and to reflect Fessura's identity through the brand's history, its collections, special projects, and links to social networks.

On the occasion of the website launch, Fessura also presented its new activewear project Runflex® , a shoe designed for running and leisure, featuring the innovative ReflexSystem® technology, a patented system designed to offer a new experience of movement thanks to a soft and dynamic sole, formed by 4 pads that absorb and simultaneously release energy in different areas of the foot, according to the principles of reflexology.