VOGUE: Mikaela Naeze Silva testimonial di Fessura , Fessura Italia , Fessura

VOGUE: Fessura의 Mikaela Naeze Silva 평가

VOGUE presents the new face of Fessura: the young and bubbly show girl Mikaela Naeze Silva.

Fessura is the emerging young brand that has shown talent in combining eye-catching design with respect for the environment, a winning blend for those who believe in the future. Inside each shoe is research, innovation and the desire to create something new - unprecedented - without forgetting the aesthetics dropped into the contemporary.

Let's start with one fact, the invention patent named "Change Shoe": this aspect involves the total absence of the traditional process of industrial construction of the product through the use of glues and solvents, thus drastically reducing CO2 emissions (-50%). But it doesn't end there: all the soles of the Rock sports line have been produced with XL EXTRALIGHT® Sustainable+ technology, 51% of its formula made with a highly engineered process of recovering and blending by-products from processing waste from the factories of the company FINPROJECT S.p.A. of the ENI VERSALIS group. Thinking about these two founding elements of Fessura alone makes us realize how much can be done today in the area of innovation without having to give up a product, sneakers, that is deeply connected to the everyday life of many of us.

If you put innovation at the center, it does not mean that you have to give up aesthetics: in our premise there was also the "design" factor, which has the ability to unite form with function. Indeed, this aspect is noticeable in the campaign featuring the young and bubbly show girl Mikaela Naeze Silva wearing the sustainable sneakers and other shoes from the latest collection. "When I was proposed to be the testimonial of Fessura, I confirmed without hesitation. I love the brand's history and innovative style," she said. "Wearing Fessura sneakers is something amazing, it feels like flying."

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