La nuova linea Cloud dal design glamour e sostenibile è su VANITY FAIR , Fessura Italia , Fessura

화려하고 지속 가능한 디자인의 새로운 Cloud 라인이 VANITY FAIR에 있습니다.

VANITY FAIR presents Fessura Cloud, the chunky snekaers that fit every woman's style.
VOGUE: Fessura의 Mikaela Naeze Silva 평가 독서 화려하고 지속 가능한 디자인의 새로운 Cloud 라인이 VANITY FAIR에 있습니다. 2 분 다음 Fessura는 혁신적인 장소로 TV에 상륙합니다.

Fessura is known by all for the innovative and patented construction of its shoes: high-performance, technological and at the same time style-conscious. And from now, thanks to the launch of the new Cloud women's line, also increasingly sustainable and environmentally conscious.

The main features of this new collection named after the clouds? Definitely the chunky design: all models, in fact, feature oversized and bold volumes, giving a highly recognizable look. But, the big news is, above all, referring to the use of green materials.

Are you familiar with flyleather? It is a material with a texture very similar in appearance, feel, and even smell to natural leather, but at its core, it actually harbors an innovative composition. Yes, because it is made from 50 percent recycled leather fibers mixed with synthetic fibers through a special processing, created by a water-based process. The inner fusbet, then, is made of cork, a natural and renewable raw material that is obtained from the surface layer of oak. 

In addition, the models in the Cloud collection, adapt to every woman's style: there are sabots for those who love sporty but feminine outfits, slip-ons for more casual looks, and classic lace-up sneakers, true evergreens to always have in your wardrobe. 

To discover Fessura's entire Cloud collection, you can go to the Cloud section or visit flagship stores and partner boutiques.

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